I have no idea why this turntable was made. 2 things are for sure about it though:

1. It won't skip when people come up to the DJ booth to make requests and bump the table .
2. You'll have to hire the Chicago Bears offensive line as your roadies to take it to gigs.
3. It makes Technics 1200s or Vestax QFO look like a bargain.

The $150,000, quarter-ton turntable | CRAVE : The CNET Gadget Blog: "With a name like the 'Transrotor Artus,' this contraption sounds like a piece of heavy machinery that might be found in an assembly plant. And by the looks of this photo, it almost could be.

But closer inspection of the top reveals the real purpose of this erstwhile bucket of bolts: a turntable. And not just any old record record player, but an 'LP player/phonograph/grammophone' that goes for $150,000, according to Hiendfi, and weighs nearly a quarter-ton. Maybe it's priced by the pound."