Caroline McCarthy over at my new favorite gadget blog, Crave, has a hilarious take on Sony's very smart James Bond "Casino Royale" tie-in offering. Plus, how cool is it to finally have a gadget blog authored by a woman? --K

Remember when you were a kid and the coolest birthday present you could get was a Fisher-Price or Little Tikes 'playset' packed full of kiddie versions of grown-up tools? Depending on the contents of the colorful plastic briefcase, you could pretend to be a doctor, a construction worker, a detective, a cop, or what-have-you. Yes, I suppose they make those for grown-ups, too, but here at Crave we like to keep things clean.
For Bond wannabes

Anyway, Sony is definitely capitalizing on kiddie nostalgia with its new 'Limited Edition Spy Gear Set,' a promotion for the latest Bond flick, 'Casino Royale,' which opens on November 17th. Sure, it costs $4299.99, but it's really just a souped-up version of the $19.99 'My First Secret Agent Kit' that you adored on the Toys-R-Us shelves back in the day. Inside a 007-branded attache case is a Vaio TX notebook, a CyberShot digital camera, and a handful of Bond-worthy extras. No, it doesn't come with a gun. "