I'm so excited about this. The Bulls have another potential icon in Big Ben Wallace, acquired this year from the Pistons. "The Chi" just embraces colorful sports figures, rebels, and individuals: Jim McMahon and his Sharpie-emblazoned headbands, Dennis Rodman and well...everything (remember the billboard on the Ike that changed Dennis' hair color when Dennis changed his?), now Big Ben and his wonderful wild sculpture of hair. Even Charles Oakley and those horribly bad Manny's of Elmhurst suit commercials...but I digress.

I've forgiven Jerry Krause for the stunt to end all stunts he pulled in dismantling thebest team in NBA history, like a little pouting child that didn't get picked for kickball. I'm ready to love the Bulls again like I used to. Tipoff is at 8PM. *queues up "Eye in the Sky"and "Rock n Roll Pt. 2"...wishes for a Gold Coast burger*

The Lenovo Stat will be making it's debut tonight as well. I know the results will be available on nba.com after each game, and I suspect at the end of each game,( a la the Chervolet Player of
the game.)