So when I get home last night 2 of these are in my front yard. We've been trying to get my end of the street resurfaced longer than the big dig in Boston it seems. The other end of the street was done a couple of weeks ago. For our end, it has been kind of like the paving company who cried wolf. The last time they called us, put notices in our doors that we'd have to move our cars to the opposite end of the street. OK, no problem. About 6 of my neighbors forgot, which put the crew behind as they had to go door to door and roust people out to move. Being that the trucks are the size of Hummer H2s to the third power, I was 'landlocked' waiting on my neighbors to move their vehicles. Half-hour after that, the foreman rings my doorbell and says "you can move your car back, we aren't going to be able to do it today." For a fleeting moment, I want to punch the guy. He says it is too cloudy and blah blah about the asphalt not sticking etc.

This time the team seemed to employ more guerilla paving tactics; no mention of law enforcement involvement on the last notices we received,etc. I interpreted this to mean if your ride gets towed, don't act up, you saw the signs. Thus I will hike though my neighbors yards like a child with no home training, get my vehicle on the south end of the street, and head to the gig.