New York Daily News - Sports - Knicks still will not compute: "BY CHRISTIAN RED

Imagine this coaching scenario in crunch time of an NBA playoff game: Your team is down by two points, you have Shaquille O'Neal at your disposal (and not in foul trouble), yet the advanced technology courtside is telling you to insert backup Alonzo Mourning.

Think O'Neal will take it kindly you overlooked him as your team loses?

Commissioner David Stern did not foresee any such snafus as the league embarked on a brave new world partnership with the Lenovo personal computer company yesterday. Lenovo PCs will now be a staple at NBA stadiums and coaches will have the 'Lenovo Stat' feature at their fingertips. The software technology is designed to determine 'the best individual through five-player combinations for each game.'

During last year's NBA Finals, for example, the Lenovo Stat determined that the best five Miami players on the court at any given time were Dwyane Wade, Antoine Walker, James Posey, Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning. No Shaq.

'I would start Shaq, no matter what the stats say,' joked Hall of Fame coach Lenny Wilkens, who was on hand at the NBA Store in midtown with Stern to announce the partnership.

If only Larry Brown had such resources last year, maybe he'd have been able to reduce the record number of lineups"

EDITOR's NOTE: No if Isaiah had this he might do a better job at drafting players.