Finally, my "own voice" blog! I'm really excited about this. Been being 'nudged' to do it for some time. Feeling a bit like Darla joining the Little Rascals, I sought out sage council from my company's small all-male blogging cohort. ThusI give you....Kristalogy!

I have planned this blog out in terms of the categories I will write about: hip-hop, web marketing,boxing to get in shape, my blog buddies, house music, my beloved Chicago Bears,Bulls, and Cubs, being an aunt for the first time, DJing, boxing to get in shape, etc.

I also plan to devote a category to my late mentor and first manager, William H. Johnson, Jr., who passed away in December 2005 due to complications from prostate cancer. Skip was my Morrie Schwartz, both in terms of his impact on my life, and the full, colorful life he led. I am really looking forward to this part of Kristalogy.

Don't call it a comeback...

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