Forgive me while I gloat, but this is a nirvana week for Chicago's long-suffering sports fans. The Bears' gritty comeback win, getting Lou Pinella to coach the Cubs.....and looking forward to Big Ben Wallace in the middle for the Bulls.....the race is not given to the swift or to the strong... - NFL - Bears' Monday night comeback another big hit for ESPN: "NEW YORK -- The Chicago Bears' big comeback against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night had viewers glued to television sets.

ESPN's telecast of the Bears' shocking 24-23 victory was watched in 10.8 million homes, the third-highest total in cable television history. It trailed only a 1993 debate between Al Gore and Ross Perot and the return of football to New Orleans on Sept. 25 when the Saints topped Atlanta, also on 'Monday Night Football.'

When factoring in the Chicago and Arizona television markets, where ESPN's broadcast was shown on over-the-air channels, the game was watched in 11.98 million homes. That marked the first time an NFL game on cable drew more viewers than a telecast the same week on an over-the-air network.

Denver's 13-3 victory Sunday night over Oakland on NBC was watched in 8.8 million households.

The Chicago-Arizona telecast drew an 11.7 rating. A cable ratings point represents 923,000 households."