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Normally I'd quote my usual "If My people..." Bible verse from Jeremiah here...but let me quote Willona Woods instead: "Negro please!"

BTW I am loving this girl Simha Jamison. She is my new personal hero...she sounds like the real sister from the Southside who is not the least bit pressed about being in a high profile trial. I can see the "and?" and the "Now run and tell that" look on her face now. Probably rolls straight to her regular Friday hair and/or nail appointment after she's done and then to play bid whist at her friend's kitchen table. Trust.

The Little Man Defense | CRUNK + DISORDERLY || WE CAN'T.: "I can’t and I will not.

R. Kelly’s lawyer Sam Adam Jr. has suggested that an alleged sex tape featuring the R&B star could have been created using the special effects technology from the film Little Man.

Kelly - currently standing trial on child pornography charges - saw his lawyer argue to the court that a video showing him allegedly engaging in a sex act with an underage girl may have been tampered with using computer graphics.

During the defense’s cross examination of the victim’s friend Simha Johnson, Adam asked the witness if she had seen the film Little Man.

He said: “They put the head of Marlon Wayans on a midget and it looked real, didn’t it?” Jamison replied “Not really!”, causing the courtroom to erupt into laughter. [source]"


Warm Up the Bus, Hillary ...

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Not a good look when your gear is 50% off before the election is over...
I took this at a Campaign 2008 gift shop in Washington Reagan airport last week.


(Editor's Note: Updated blogcarolinas contact links below--K)

Austin, Silicon Valley, DC, and New York City need to be nervous.

Today's BlogCarolinas confirmed what I and many others already strongly suspected: the blogging and social media expertise in Research Triangle Park, NC is for real.
Given the wealth of technology companies and world-class universities here, this should be a no-brainer, but some people still only think of Mayberry when you mention North Carolina.

I'm just glad I had the chance to experience this. (Felt like I was hanging out with the cool kids in high school ;-)I had the opportunity to meet some terrific people and share ideas. You can review the TweetStream and see what you missed here.

Shout outs to my current and new fellow BlogCarolinians:


by Dave Snyder

Another take on yesterday's wonderful BlogCarolinas from SEO expert
Dave Snyder(twitter: davesnyder) . Dave came all the way up from
Florida to be a part of BlogCarolinas...quite an endorsement I'd say.
Here's his post:

The Triangle is a Hot Bed for Social Media


My first social media conference. Feels like I am hanging out with the cool kids in high school.In the Engaging the Customer session. Money quote from Cord Silverstein of Capstrat "The web never forgets."


My "Oh Snap!" award winner this week is the African-American political blog "Jack and Jill Politics". This is one of those "if you know you'll get the title, and if you don't you won't" blogs. (And I'm not going to explain it unless I get asked.) I love how it is irreverent, doesn't take itself too seriously, and pulls no punches on politics. Props to my blog sistafriend Lynne d. Johnson for putting me on to this site. My favorite subhead on the site? The "Black Behind Coverage/Disclaimer"

Jack and Jill Politics, you are the "Oh Snap!" award winner this week!